Intermediate Pole Fitness

Intermediate Pole Routine - Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley





Come get a great workout that builds upon what you’ve learned from beginner and intermediate pole fitness in a fun choreography class that gets your blood, and endorphins, pumping.   

Proper Attire is Important

Here is What You Should Wear

No lotion the day of class
Bringing a hair tie is always a good idea.
Be sure to wear a sports bra, bralette, or something that leaves your side skin exposed.
Jewelry can damage the pole, and the pole can damage jewelry, so we advise you to leave your jewelry at home.
Short shorts are preferred; however, regular shorts can work as long as they can be rolled up.
As far as footwear, bare feet or indoor heels is what you should expect to wear during your pole class.
Dress Code - Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley