Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley

More Than A Gym

We strive to provide a fun, loving, and judgment-free environment. We teach the art of aerial pole dance while helping our members develop as athletes and dancers. When someone walks through our door, we want them to feel valued and beautiful, exactly as they are.

Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley is intended to be a place of reprieve from the outside world, a place where each member is free to be their authentic self, to freely express, a place of healing as much as a place of learning. We hope to create a culture of acceptance, support and love amongst all of our members.

Our goal is to build the internal confidence of each member and to provide a positive experience that can be transformational. We work hard to help each dancer reach their full potential, both inside and out.

Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley's


#1 Be respectful of Instructors and follow class flow.

Listen to the instructor, Do not go outside of class flow.  For example, if you come to a beginner class, even if you are advanced, you will be expected to do beginner level activities with the rest of the class. 

#2 If you have a question, ask the Instructor, not other students. 

There is technique to be learned for everything we do in pole. For safety and to be sure you are learning things correctly, ask the instructor only, when you have a question. 

#3 Do not attempt new tricks during Open Pole hours.

There is technique for all pole tricks – please make sure you learn from an instructor before attempting on your own. Open Pole is for practicing what you already know. 

Pole Dance & Fitness Rogue Valley's


Please wipe your pole down after class.


Place dirty towels in the basket.


Please clean loaner yoga mats after use.


Please use MaskIT in the restroom


Encourage and compliment others.


Be safe.


Have fun!